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  • Summer 2014!

    With the school year over Alpha Sigma is currently on summer break. Although if you know AGR then you know that all of us are hard at work either on family farms, working for ag companies, and all other types of ag work. We're enjoying some time off from school and getting the chance to put in a hard day's work. We'll see you in the Fall!

  • Fall Rush 2014!


    Welcome back! We wanted to put out a quick announcement that this semester's rush is going to be quite different than any other one before. We are currently drawing up an info page so that the new process will be easy for anyone interested in joining. We'll get that up on here asap. In the meantime, just be aware that Fall rush is Sept 23-29 and if you are interested fill out our potential new member form please under the "interested in agr" tab. We wish everyone a great year and we hope to see you soon!